Company Akva Invest ltd operates for 18 years. The work scope of the company is purchase and sale of secondary raw materials, waste collection and recycling. Beside its core business activities, company also provides communal and accounting services. One of the primary goals of the company is eco-friendly waste management.

The company treats all kinds of raw materials – iron, sheet metal, paper, plastic, nylon, PET packaging, and also does its work in accordance with european standards holding different certificates of work excellence such as ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001.

Aqua Invest also highly encourages employee development through internal and external education. The company currently employes 17 people, of whom 4 women. The owner and director of the company is Mrs. Fahira Hasić.

In past 18 years, the company´s operating profit was primarily invested in business expanding and various improvement investments – purchase of adequate iron cutting equipment, paper and PET molding machines, refuse trucks, containers and garbage disposal bins (which company provides for its clients).

The company also invested in collection of municipal waste in the suburban areas.


In the past period, company implemented diverse projects, some of them including:

  • Cleaning the road zone along the regional roads and highways in the Municipality of Živinice
  • Cleaning and maintenance of land reclamation canals at the national agricultural land in Municipality of Živinice
  • Cleaning and renovation areas affected by flood and improvement of Oskova riverbed.



The mission of the company is to continuously satisfy needs of its business customers and citizens; to improve the quality of life and work for the benefit of society, and to build environment with high ecology awareness.


The vision of the company is to, by doing business ethically and responsibly, create long-term business partners, providing them the best product value.